Terra Milos - our own products


Located 1.5 km from the center of Pollonia, where the "ENALION" is, created the farm «TERRA MILOS» (Milia Earth). In an area of 7 acres, the land we inherited with respect and love. These products, are the materials for our restaurant.

With the creation of «TERRA MILOS» we aim:

  • In the production of fresh high quality agricultural products.
  • In reviving of local cultivation varieties of Milos.
  • In the production of products that represent the place in which they are produced and form part of its identity.
  • In connection with agricultural production gastronomy and tourism.

Our vision is to create a model of sustainable agriculture and sustainable growth planned.

The creation of the farm, with the meaning of producing agricultural products for the restaurant, started in time, almost simultaneously with the creation of the restaurant.
In 2009 , launched the first crop products for "ENALION".  In 2010, the effort was more thorough. And today, the whole exercise has intensified to such an extent that covered almost all the needs of the restaurant.
Meanwhile, in 2012, began a collaboration between Terra MILOS and the Agricultural University of Athens, for the recording and study of local varieties of Milos and traditional ways of cultivation. All these things, which in recent years have been sidelined, trying to highlight in order to become part of our identity.