Drinks in Enalion


It is a common belief that the success of a meal or dinner is a result of the thoughtful and balanced combination of food and drink. In Enalion we we go the extra mile to select our wines and fill in our list.

The wine list options are fully aligned with our philosophy, which relates solely to the consumption eponymous Greek wine. This has to do with the representation of the entire Greek vineyard while Cycladic winery holds an important position. The final preparation of the list is the result of cooperation with the chef and sommelier. The aim is to reach the consumer wines that deserve to be rewarded by the public. The wine list is updated along with the menu of dishes . Wine experts located permanently at the service of customers.
Love and respect for the wine, have led us to use suitably shaped cellar and wine cooler that protects wines effectively, until they reach the specific wine glasses of the restaurant.
The continuous search and exploration of Greek vineyard is for us an integral part of our business . The wine lovers can discover excellent options of indigenous varieties, but rare and limited production vinification.
Also, carefully selected and always in terms of quality, innovation and the combination of food and drink, you will find spirits, raki, ouzo or beer.

In " ENALION ' wine or drink generally means knowledge , culture , travel and exploration.

Wine List: Wine_List.pdf