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Member of "Aegen Cuisine"

The initiative AegeanCuisine, is a system-business members of the Southern Aegean islands which want and promise to offer guests Aegean emotion and experience. Born to exploit the very rich Aegean wine-gastronomy, to the benefit of the showcase and promote locally produced goods, especially wine, but also the creation and promotion of tourism theme of our islands.

More information athttp://www.aegeancuisine.net



 greekwineresto Member of "EllOiniko Restaurant" network

In network Restaurants' "EllOiniko Restaurant" will find restaurants in Greece and abroad that support, honor and respect bottled Greek wine, allocating adequate to excellent wine list.
The restaurants States Network branded certifying their participation in it. So easily distinguished from the rest, serving those looking for good Greek wine, one of the most natural areas of the restaurant.

More information at: http://www.greekwineresto.com/



 tripadvisorRecognition from international travel guide "Trip Advisor"